F.M. Church Supplies Ltd is one of the leading suppliers based in The United Kingdom (but shipping worldwide!) of all church requisites and goods including Communion Wafers and Wine, Candles, Vestments, Fabrics, Brassware, Silverware and much more! We also offer a bespoke service for vestments and altar frontals, machine and hand embroidery plus renovation work on vestments, silverware and statuary.

What makes us different?

  • As Christians we work always to serve and support The Church. You will find our prices very competitive and almost always cheaper than elsewhere. Please check! We want you to!
  • Our standing order service is exceptional. Place a standing order with us and we will deliver on the day agreed (or before). If we are one day late we will give you your entire order FREE!
  • Our partnerships are important to us. We work very closely with various suppliers and manufacturers including being the main supplier in The UK for Solivari Vestments from Italy.
  • We offer an exceptional bespoke service for vestments, altar cloths and altar frontals as well as a machine or hand embroidery service.
In short our service to The Church is always paramount.