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Called by God seeks to reclaim the real meaning of baptism as the beginning of a new life in Christ. With scripture readings and reflections, a detailed look at the elements of the rite of baptism, and discussions and advice on raising children to know the person of Christ, it aims to meet parents wherever they are in their own journey of faith.

This comprehensive resource contains all the materials needed to run the course and can be adapted to suit the needs of your parish. As well as presenting you with the course material itself, our expert authors take you through the historical background and biblical and Church teachings on the sacrament of baptism, giving you the knowledge and confidence to support parents. On a practical note they give you guidance on how to organise the sessions, providing checklists to help you prepare for each one, and a handout pack containing sheets for the parents and godparents attending. The parents’ booklet supplements the sessions and gives time for parents to reflect on the sessions.