Common Worship Christian Initiation: Additional Baptism Texts in Accessible Language

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These alternative Common Worship texts have been created in response to requests for a baptism service in more accessible language. They aim to meet the spiritual needs of those who seek baptism for either themselves or their children, but who may not understand the church's traditional 'language' on the subject.

This booklet contains new texts for the following parts of the Service of Holy Baptism:

- Presentation of the Candidates
- The Decision
- Signing with the Cross
- Prayer over the Water
- Commission

It also includes the outline of a Service of Holy Baptism using these Alternative Forms, plus helpful guidance on using the new material alongside the existing provision in Common Worship: Christian Initiation.

Please note: this volume is not designed for solo use during a Baptism service, but should be used alongside existing materials such as Common Worship Christian Initiation or in the compilation of a printed service booklet.