Common Worship: Christian Initiation (Study Edition)

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Common Worship: Christian Initiation (Study Edition) is a resource for service-planning and reference, containing everything needed for the services of Baptism and Confirmation, together with a wide range of resources around these moments of initiation: - Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child - Celebration after an Initiation Service outside the Parish - Thanksgiving for Holy Baptism - Admission of the Baptized to Communion - Affirmation of Baptismal Faith - Reception into Communion of the Church of England This Study Edition also includes the Rites on the Way, supporting disciples on the Way of Christ, which are ideal for use alongside the Pilgrim series of discipleship materials. Services of Reconciliation and Restoration are also included because they draw individuals back into the full baptismal life of the Christian community: - A Corporate Service of Penitence - The Reconciliation of a Penitent - A Celebration of Wholeness and Healing Finally, an extensive commentary by the Liturgical Commission facilitates study and offers useful advice for ministers.