Common Worship: Main Volume President's Edition (Calfskin)

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The Common Worship Main Volume President’s Edition is a large, A4 volume, designed to be used by those presiding at Holy Communion. It contains Eucharistic material from the original Main Volume alongside additional content, such as further prayers, collects, seasonal variations and music. Where the contents of the President’s Edition overlaps with the original Main Volume, dual pagination is provided.


  • The Calendar
  • Holy Baptism (includes Seasonal Prayers not in the main volume)
  • Collects and Post Communions in Contemporary and Traditional Language (includes Festivals, Lesser Festivals and Special Occasions which are not in the main volume)
  • Holy Communion
  • Supplementary Material
  • Seasonal Provisions (with additional short prefaces not in the main volume)
  • Provisions for Pastoral Services including Wholeness and Healing, Marriage and Funerals
  • Music for Eucharistic Prayers and Prefaces

Please note that, unlike other editions of the Main Volume, the President’s Edition does NOT contain Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child, A Service of the Word, Morning, Evening and Night Prayer, the Litany, the Psalter, the Lectionary, or Canticles.