Emmaus Stage 2: Nurture

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The Emmaus course has been an effective tool for evangelism and adult initiation in the UK and throughout the world. Nurture is a 15-session course for enquirers and new Christians that is also suitable for an adult confirmation course. It consists of: Part 1: What Christians believe (5 sessions) Part 2: How Christians grow (5 sessions) Part 3: Living the Christian life (5 sessions) This fully revised Second edition includes the following new features and changes: Harmonized with Common Worship material wherever necessary More extensive background reading for leaders Inclusive language used throughout All Bible quotations from the NRSV More explicit links with other Emmaus materials Wider range of suggestions for using video as appropriate Members' handouts have been reduced to 2 sides of A4 - making them easier to photocopy Members' handouts are interspersed with the Leader's Guide, instead of being grouped together at the end of the book Additional information on the Emmaus series and issues such as time away and meals together Each session has either been revised or re-written - ensuring that the whole course is clearer and up-to-date A totally new-look cover and text-design Also includes a FREE CD-ROM that contains handouts and supplementary material, an Emmaus Poster, a Powerpoint presentation, and useful links to Emmaus website.