• Florence Brocade Vestments


    Outstanding vestments in luxurious Florence Brocade, fully lined in Sateen and with beautiful Florentine Orphrey. 

    Gothic Chasuble, Latin Chasuble, Dalmatic, Cope, Humeral Veil, Priests Stole, Deacons Stole, Burse and Veil.

    Chasuble available as a 'Y' orphey (as pictured) or a 'Pillar' orphrey in 6" orphrey complete with stole with metallic knotted fringe.

    Available in White, Red, Green, Purple and Rose

    Can also be made in black in St Margaret Brocade or Fairford Brocade.

    Orphrey available in Gold, White, Red, Green, Purple and Black in 3" or 6" width