• Glastonbury Brocade


    Deeply symbolic design by William Perkins senior, circa 1890; combining the Rose and the Crown of Thorns. The early Christians placed roses on the tombs of martyrs as a symbol of the Resurrection and the Crown of Thorns is symbolic of Atonement. The design owes its name to the ancient legend of the Glastonbury Thorn, said to have been planted by Joseph of Arimathea.

    55% Cotton, 45% Viscose
    Width: 145cm (57") Pattern repeat: 18cm (7")

    £63 per metre (sold in whole metres only)

    Price Comparison

    Mary Collings price       £65.00 per metre

    Croft Design price          £80.00 per metre

    Ormsby's price               £74.40 per metre

    Watts & Co                     £110 per metre