Emmaus-Youth Emmaus

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Youth Emmaus is a course designed to help those aged 11 to 16 explore the basics of the Christian faith. This is no easy task - but Youth Emmaus offers a winning combination of meaty leaders' notes, cool handouts for group members, great cartoons and graphics and a free CD-ROM stacked with other useful resources. The material is fully road-tested and ideal for youth groups and as a confirmation course for young people. Youth Emmaus tackles:

  • What Christians Believe (5 Units)
  • How Christians Grow (5 Units)
  • Living the Christian Life (3 Units)

Youth Emmaus also contains a FREE CD-ROM that includes:

  • Handouts and supplementary handouts for all sessions as PDF files
  • Emmaus Poster
  • Downloadable services to use with young people and a section on using Youth Emmaus in an all-age context
  • Powerpoint presentation on Youth Emmaus
  • Useful links to Emmaus website
  • All icons from handouts available in colour in a downloadable format