Through the Eyes of a Child-New Insights in Theology from a Child's Perspective

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'Looking through the eyes of a child is not a twee, cosy or easy experience. It can be unsettling, uncomfortable, edgy...' - from the Introduction

Who has the right to 'do' theology? Only academics? Only adults? Or do we all have a voice in the kingdom of God?

Through the Eyes of a Child considers 14 key theological themes from one of the most neglected of perspectives - that of children.

Honouring Jesus' command to place the child at the centre, theologians, psychologists and educationalists take us from our comfort zone to look afresh at some of the most grave, difficult and beautiful topics in Christian theology.

Challenging conventional readings of theology, this landmark work will fascinate and challenge anyone who cares about children and their place in the world and the church.

Contributors: Anne Richards, Peter Privett, Nigel Asbridge, Keith White, Rebecca Nye, Joanna Collicutt, Emma Percy, Sandra Millar, Angela Shier-Jones, John Pridmore, John Drane and Olive M. Fleming Drane, Paul Butler, Howard Worsley and Philip Fryar.