Study Missal (for clergy)

£65.00 £58.50

The standard ritual edition of the Missal  with full contents of the Altar Missal, scaled down by 26% and in full colour. The pagination matches exactly the Altar Missal .

  • Cover decoration. Gold decorative blocking on front, back and spine. Cruciform design based on Byzantine St George’s cross.
  • Colour illustrations. Full-colour illustrations from the 12th-century Ingeborg Psalter (Musée Condé).
  • Ribbons. Six liturgically-coloured
  • 6mm-wide ribbons.
  • National Propers.Contains National Propers for England and Wales, Scotland, all placed throughout the Missal with each in its correct place (i.e. not placed separately in an appendix).
  • Index. Fully indexed, including National Propers.
  • Paper. High-contrast white 45 gsm paper throughout. Sustainably sourced, archive grade.
  • Text. Typeset in specially modified version of Stone font for maximum readability with rubrics in red. Size is 9.5 pt.