Responding Well to Domestic Abuse Policy Practice and Guidance (2nd Edition) (CofE)

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The Church of England is committed to addressing and responding effectively to domestic abuse both within its own community and wider society.

This document sets out the Church of England’s domestic abuse policy as well as detailed practice guidance on how the policy should be implemented in local churches.

Combining essential legal, pastoral and practical information and resources within a clear theological framework, it includes:

 Approved national policy which applies to all Church bodies;
 An overview of the issue of domestic abuse and how to recognise it;
 Detailed guidance on how to respond to a disclosure of abuse, and appropriate pastoral interventions;
 Information on working with statutory and other specialist agencies;
 Guidance on the training required for all those who will have roles with survivors and alleged or known perpetrators;
 Information on legal, pastoral, theological and practical issues as well as further resources.

This document is commended by the House of Bishops as part of the Church of England’s commitment to victims of domestic abuse and to addressing the circumstances that lead to domestic abuse.